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    FEBRUARY 9 / 10, 2023 (Ponce, PR)
    Ponce, PR 00728


    8:30 a.m.–4 p.m. (Day 1)
    8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. (Day 2)


    $2,500 per Doctor + $600 per Staff Member

    Available CE:

    16 Hours



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    Tuition includes Continental breakfast and lunch

    This innovative continuing education course focuses on digital workflow in implant dentistry and includes live patient surgeries and hands-on sessions. This course will focus on the Bluesky bio software and how digital implant dentistry is transforming traditional analog approaches into a more efficient and streamlined process. Digital workflow and 3D planning can improve communication within your treatment team, plan better, be more precise to accomplish the most predictable clinical results while reducing chair time, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

    This course includes hands-on and instructional lecture to allow the participants to become fully familiar with digital workflow and this free but powerful software and learn the necessary skills to implement the new technologies into their practice. The participants will experience the digital workflow from treatment planning to performing fully guided surgery.

    This course is designed for the participants to become familiar with:

    • The Differences Between Traditional hand free Approach Versus Digital Approach
    • Digital Workflow: Intra-oral Scanning, CBCT Data Acquisition, mating Files, Virtual tooth Design and 3D Printing
    • Implant Planning with Digital protocol (Hands-on)
    • Guided Implant Placement Utilizing a 3D printed surgical Guide (Hands-on)

    About The Instructor

    Faculty: Ebless V. Báez Alers, DMD

    Founder and clinical director of the International Oral Implant Continuum and Ddspier Dental Hub and online academy. Designer and Developer the BBX implant system and medical devices related to the dental implant field. Dr.Báez has been lecturing and mentoring for over 10 years about oral implantology and developing immedate loading concepts. Dr.Baez currently has a private priactice in Puerto Rico and Texas. Dr. Báez is graduated from the Puerto Rico School of dental medicine..

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